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Wai Yin Bike Library Launch

Date日期: 18/06/2024 (Tue星期二) Time 時間: 11:00-12:00 We will provide a light lunch after the activity 活動後我們將提供簡單的午餐 詳情請致電 0161 2727482 請聯絡周姑娘 報名 For details, please ring 0161 2727482 contact Ms Chow to apply 常樂長者中心Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB For details of the bike library, loans etc. Please contact the staff directly at the Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre, telephone 0161 272 7482 Bike library launch poster

Be Gutsy Project

We are delighted that Wai Yin Society can take part in promoting health screening for Cancer. Please see the video link below: Answer Cancer Bowel Cancel Screening Information Video

Community Diagnostic Centre (CDC) Project

The “Community Diagnostic Centre”(CDC) project, funded by the NHS, runs from May to October 2023. The project consists of a CDC talks, one advisory group and three focus groups. The talks help participants to get familiar with the CDC service, which is a one-stop medical check-up station. The advisory group is a series of six group sessions, which aims to encourage the usage of CDCs among our service users and diverse communities. Focus groups helps to explore the reasons for defaulting check-ups. Through this project, we hope to promote the CDC service and increase medical attendance at CDCs. For details […]

Coronation Celebration Walk

It was great fun recently to have a group walk and talk, in celebration of the recent coronation of King Charles. This was part of the GM Festival of Walking 2023. The group enjoyed a healthy walk in the Ancoats area of Manchester, an area of great historical significance for the Industrial Revolution, and international in-migration in the 1800s. The Mills there are now of architectural interest and have been tastefully adapted for modern use, including the offices of the Prince’s Trust. Discover Manchester through the #GMWalking Festival 2023, a great event that brings people together and showcases the best […]

The Dream Project 2023

Dream Project 2023 A new creative project for older East Asian and British East Asian people with stories to tell and who want to celebrate and make visible the lives of older people who are often under-represented in our theatres. This is the start of a creative journey with the Royal Exchange Theatre. The project is delivered in partnership with  Wai Yin Society. No experience is necessary.
 If you want to chat about the project, please contact Andy at the Royal Exchange Theatre on 0161 615 6792 or Louise at Wai Yin on 0161 272 7482. 一個為東亞裔和英國東亞裔年長人士創新的項目. 這個項目會在我們的劇院𥚃講述他們的故事, 慶祝和可看到一般被忽視年長人士的生活. 這個創作旅程從皇家交流劇院開始. […]

Health Talk on Eyesight

Health Talk _eyesight Health talk on use of technological aids to assist eyesight by Claire of RNIB/ Vision Aid Tuesday 25th April 2023, 10:30 am – 12 pm Contact: Ms Chow / Ms Chung, Tel: 0161 272 7482      


環保龍協作班Poster_revised Reduce stress and strengthen positive emotions 減低生活壓力負荷與強化正向情緒 COST OF LIVING PROJECT 生活支援計劃 我哋將會用四堂嘅時間一齊合力創作一條由廢棄嘅鐵/鋁罐製成嘅大型「環保龍」,並於夏天喺慧妍社作展覽。 「環保龍」嘅龍身包含祝福同生活感受嘅自由作畫。如果有興趣參與嘅老朋友請自備用完嘅細汽水罐或開口比較 完整嘅罐頭,我哋會用嚟製作「環保龍」。亦請大家自備膠紙、剪刀、釘書機、膠水或白膠漿參與是次協作班。 協作日期 Workshop Dates:21/3、18/4、23/5、20/6 (Tue) 時間 Time:11:00 am – 12:30pm Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre│Wai Yin Society (Justin Close, Manchester, M13 9UB) We provide a lunch after workshop, and welcome people over 65 工作坊後我們將提供午餐, 歡迎65歲以上人士參加 For more details, please call Sheung Lok Centre on 0161 5134127 (Sou Ha Yung) or email to [email protected] 詳情請致電0161 5134127常樂長者中心(翁姑娘)或電郵至[email protected] 慧妍社官方網站 Wai Yin Society Official Website:

Walk for Women

International Women’s Day: Walk for Women Saturday 4 March 2023 Manchester Cathedral, Victoria Street M3 1SX Cost: Free Walk for Women poster 2023 Come and help us celebrate International Women’s Day 2023. Date日期: 04/03/2023 (Saturday 星期六) Time 時間: 11:30am Waiting Venue等候地點 : Mark & Spencer馬莎門口 Circle Steele (CEO) will lead the group to walk for women 陳麗緣女士將帶隊 Walk for Women 活動完全免費,任何人都可以參加。 詳情請致電 0161 2727482 請聯絡翁姑娘 Ms Yung Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre 常樂長者中心 Grosvenor Centre Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB Walk for Women poster 2023

Health Boosting Recipes

尋找傳統保健食療 Health Boosting Recipes 鼓勵人們保持健康的生活方式,並通過傳統保健食療增強免疫系統, 歡迎分享健康飲食資料. To encourage people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost their immune system through traditional recipes, welcome to share healthy eating information. 一起收集來自其他不同文化的保健食療,並出版在一本小冊子! 您可以將您的保健食療發送至 慧妍社常樂長者中心 These will be collected and published in a booklet together with other remedies from many different cultures! You can send your recipes, remedies or tips to: Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre, Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB Date 日期: 9/01/2023 Monday 星期一 Time 時間: 11:30 am – 1:00pm We will provide a light lunch 我們將提供簡單的午餐 Health boosting recipes  

Sheung Lok Centre Warm Hub

Sheung lok centre warm Hub-updated Sheung Lok Centre Warm Hub 常樂愛心送暖 Date: 2022 年 11 月 14 至 2023 年 1 月(逢星期一 Mondays) Time 時間 : 10:30am to 2:00pm · A warm place to be 一個溫暖的地方 · Making new friends 結交新朋友 · Activities 活動 · A free hot lunch 免費午餐一份 To find out more information , please call 0161 2727482 了解更多信息, 請致電 0161 2727482

The Welcome Centre Warm Hub

This winter will be very challenging for many individuals, families and communities in Greater Manchester. Rising food and heating costs will cause hardship for many. The Welcome Centre is running a Warm Hub on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, launching on Tuesday 8th November with our Winter Warmer activity.  The Winter Warmer event is an opportunity for people to visit the centre between 11am and 2pm to talk to organisations that can support them with their health, wellbeing and finances to improve their resilience to cope with the difficult winter ahead. We are providing a hot lunch, fun activities such as music, art and Bollywood […]

Bowel Screening Awareness event

Bowel Screening Awareness poster 2022 日期 Date :25/10/2022 (星期二 Tueday) 時間: 11am — 12:00 noon 講員 Speaker: Johnson Liu (Cancer Screening Improvement Lead) 地點 location :常樂中心 Sheung Lok Centre Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB 有粵語翻譯 請致電 0161 2727482 向翁姑娘或周姑娘報名 Please contact Ms. Yung or Ms Chow on 0161 2727482 to reserve a place.  

Covid-19 Volunteering

有空闲时间吗? 想在 2022 年回馈一些东西吗? Covid Volunteering Simplified Chinese 有空闲时间吗? 想在 2022 年回馈一些东西吗? 在疫苗接种点做志愿者,帮助您的社区战胜新冠肺炎! 大流行尚未结束:新的Omicron变体带来了新的挑战,并有可能使医疗保健系统不堪重负。我们知道两次疫苗接种不足以预防这种新变种,因此政府鼓励所有18岁以上的成年人尽快接种加强疫苗。这对NHS来说是一项艰巨的任务,这就是为什么曼彻斯特的疫苗接种点迫切需要您的帮助来完成注射。您可以志愿担任招待员或接种员-将提供全面培训。这是获得临床经验, 提高英语水平和结识新朋友的绝佳机会。 成为志愿者招待员 你有空闲时间吗?曼彻斯特的新冠肺炎疫苗接种点需要志愿者招待员。这角色是多样化的,因此这是学习新技能和结识新朋友的绝佳机会。现场提供个人防护装备和茶点,包括车费在内。在此处注册here以获取有关疫苗接种地点和如何志愿服务的更多信息。不需要披露和禁止服务(DBS)检查。 学习新技能并成为志愿者疫苗接种员 有兴趣成为一名疫苗接种员吗?您可以在大曼彻斯特的各个地点接受志愿者接种疫苗培训。您无需具备临床技能或经验,因为您将接受全面培训。在您开始在疫苗接种地点接种疫苗之前,培训将在线和面对面完成。查看大曼彻斯特健康和社会保健合作伙伴网站 website,注册一个帐户并完成临床技能评估 clinical skills assessment。   疫苗接种员需要进行披露和禁止服务(DBS)检查和乙型肝炎疫苗接种,但曼彻斯特医疗保健委员会将为您提供这些。接受培训后,您可能会获得在初级保健(Primary Care) 网络站上的有薪工作机会。 有空閒時間嗎? 想在 2022 年回饋一些東西嗎? Covid Volunteering Traditional Chinese 有空閒時間嗎? 想在 2022 年回饋一些東西嗎?  在疫苗接種點做志願者,幫助您的社區戰勝新冠肺炎!   大流行尚未結束:新的Omicron變體帶來了新的挑戰,並有可能使醫療保健系統不堪重負。我們知道兩次疫苗接種不足以預防這種新變種,因此政府鼓勵所有18歲以上的成年人盡快接種加強疫苗。這對NHS來說是一項艱鉅的任務,這就是為什麼曼徹斯特的疫苗接種點迫切需要您的幫助來完成注射。您可以志願擔任招待員或接種員-將提供全面培訓。這是獲得臨床經驗, 提高英語水平和結識新朋友的絕佳機會。   成為志願者招待員 你有空閒時間嗎?曼徹斯特的新冠肺炎疫苗接種點需要志願者招待員。這角色是多樣化的,因此這是學習新技能和結識新朋友的絕佳機會。現場提供個人防護裝備和茶點,包括車費在內。在此處註冊here以獲取有關疫苗接種地點和如何志願服務的更多信息。不需要披露和禁止服務(DBS)檢查。   學習新技能並成為志願者疫苗接種員 有興趣成為一名疫苗接種員嗎?您可以在大曼徹斯特的各個地點接受志願者接種疫苗培訓。您無需具備臨床技能或經驗,因為您將接受全面培訓。在您開始在疫苗接種地點接種疫苗之前,培訓將在線和面對面完成。查看大曼徹斯特健康和社會保健合作夥伴網站 website,註冊一個帳戶並完成臨床技能評估 clinical skills assessment。   疫苗接種員需要進行披露和禁止服務(DBS)檢查和乙型肝炎疫苗接種,但曼徹斯特醫療保健委員會將為您提供這些。接受培訓後,您可能會獲得在初級保健(Primary Care) 網絡站上的有薪工作機會。

Cultural Awareness Training

Culture awareness training 8 October Understanding cultural sensitivity and community diversity – the carers’ perspective presented by the Wai Yin Society. Cultural awareness training explores how culture shapes every part of how we behave and communicate. It provides the knowledge, skills and expertise to communicate effectively across cultures, and understand different perspectives. This session looks at how you can effectively engage with carers from the BAME community to identify and support their needs. Speakers will include Prof. Erinma MBE, from the Carisma Organisation, talking about African communities and Mel Safari, from the Linguagm Organisation, talking about the Iranian Community in […]