Corporate Policies

Wai Yin regularly reviews and updates its policies and procedures. Details of these are listed below:

1 Constitution
2 Code of Conduct, Standing Orders and Financial Regulations
3 Statement of Structure, Governance and Management
4 Financial Systems Policy
5 Risk Management Policy
6 Assessment and Internal Verification Policy
7 Learner Attendance Policy
8 Equal Opportunities for Service Users Policy
9 Safeguarding Policy
10 Complaints Procedure
11 Confidentiality Policy
12 Information Security and Archive Policy
13 Case Management Policy
14 Membership Policy
15 Signposting and Referral Policy
16 IAG Code of Conduct
17 Volunteer Policy
18 Organised Trips Policy
19 Health and Safety Policy
20 Environmental and Sustainability Policy
21 Equality and Fair Treatment Policy
22 Staff Handbook
23 Recruitment and Selection of Staff Policy
24 Training and Development Policy
25 Whistle-blowing Policy