Shimbibiris Project

We have a working partnership with the Somali Women’s Forum to provide luncheon club for older Somali women. Somali women attend every Monday for lunch and for an exercise class. Once a month we organise a trip to the seaside or to the countryside so that they can benefit from fresh air and exercise

Wai Yin employs a Somali Development Worker for two days per week

National Award for Zeinab Mohamed

We are very proud to announce that Zeinab has been given a national award for promoting good community relations. Zeinab is the Co-ordinator of the Shimbiberis Project which supports older Somali women. This is a joint project between Wai Yin and the Somali Women’s Forum, and it is based at our Sheung Lok Well-being Centre

Zeinab came the UK in 1991. She is a qualified nurse midwife and clinical instructor, and worked as the Head of Mogadishu Nursing College before having to flee as a refugee with the onset of civil war.

When she first came to Manchester, Zeinab was the victim of racist abuse on several occasions, but this did not stop her working tirelessly to improve community relationships and to campaign for the rights of new migrants from all parts of the world

Hope not Hate, which has given Zeinab this award, is the UK’s leading organisation campaigning against racist, sexist and homophobic attitudes, and is keen to promote examples of exemplary work in the UK. Well done Zeinab!