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Macmillan Solutions Volunteer Recruitment Event 2015

麥美倫癌症支援服務 義工招募大會 Macmillan Solutions Volunteer Recruitment Event 日期 : 二零一五 年 二月二日〔星期一〕 時間﹕ 11 am – 2 pm 地點﹕常樂中心 Sheung Lok Centre, Grosvenor Street Manchester M13 9UB * Tel. 0161 – 8330377 發揚關愛互助精神 與癌症患者及家人攜手同行 懇請你加入我們的義工行列 你的參與 將會為癌症患者的幽暗世界 多添一點亮光 大會活動包括: **專題講座 :了解癌症、認識麥美倫、如何參與成為義工 **提問時間:有問有答 **免費自助餐點招待 *有意參加者,請致電慧姸社報名,有助我們安排膳食*

Halal Meat Donation for Welcome Centre Community Café

We were delighted to welcome our friends from MC-UK (My Community UK) who came to celebrate Eid ul Abna, which marks the end of the annual Hadj (pilgrimage to Mecca) for Muslims. They brought us gifts of food to mark the occasion. They also donated mutton and lamb for the Café. All the meat dishes at the Community Café are halal, which reflects the fact that 50% of our service users are Muslim. We try and celebrate all the major faith festivals at the Community Café. It will soon be Diwali (the Hindu Festival of Light), and after that Christmas […]

Lord Mayor’s Charity Account

We are delighted to receive a sum of £1,000 in aid of Wai Yin Society from the Lord Mayor of Manchester’s Charity Account. This was granted by Councillor Naeem ul Hassan, who held the office of Lord Mayor for 2013-2014. Thank you very much. We intend to use this much needed money for our Welcome Centre.

Urban Fish Farm Update 养鱼场

At the end of August, a group of Wai Yin members travelled down to Gloucester to search for eels. There is an old nursery rhyme which goes; “Doctor Foster went to Gloucester in a shower of rain. He stood in a puddle right up to his middle and never went there again!” Well there was plenty of rain but we had such a wonderful time, that I am sure that we will be going again. We went in search of baby eels! The Severn River is the home of baby eels (called elvers), It is one of Nature’s miracles that […]

Street Clean Cheetham Hill

On Tuesday 12th August, Wai Yin organised a street clean up in the Cheetham Hill area of Manchester. The emphasis was on encouraging local people from different faiths to cooperate and share in the cleaning of the streets around places of worship. Yesterday, we cleaned up the streets between two local churches. Next month we will clean up the streets around two mosques and the local Sikh temple (Gurdwara). We were joined by members of the local Jewish synagogue as well. We would like to thank everybody who participated but especially Sundus Salam, our environmental improvement officer!

Mid Autumn Festival Celebration

慶祝中秋節午餐聚會 日期: 2014年9月8日 (星期一 ) 詳情請聯絡 周姑娘 電話 0161 272 7482 Mid Autumn Festival 2014 常樂長者午餐會 Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre Grosvenor Centre, Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB Tel: 0161 272 7482

Kwan Wai Cafe

kwan Wai Cafe Bar banner 2014(opening) Wai Yin Society is pleased to announce the opening of a new cafe serving both hot and cold drinks, and other lovely refreshments. Everyone welcome! We will open on 21st July 2014. 我們將會在2014年7月21日開張. Opening Time : Monday 11:00am – 2:00pm 開放時間:星期一上午十一 至下午二時 Address: Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre 常樂中心 Grosvenor Centre Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB Tel: 0161 272 7482

Buxton Trip

Buxton 巴克斯顿一日遊 日期: 二零一四年五月十九日 (星期一) 集合時間: 早上九時三十 分 集合地點 : 曼城旅遊車站 (Manchester Coach Station, Chorlton Street) 回程時間 : 下午四時 (從巴克斯顿回程到曼城市中心) 費用 : 會員 : £20 ; 非會員 : £25 ( 費用包車費和晚飯) 人數: 45人 截止報名日期: 二零一四年四月三十日 詳情請致電 0161 272 7482 / 0161 833 0377 請聯絡周姑娘 ,黃姑娘及翁姑娘 Sheung Lok Elderly Centre 常樂長者中心 Grosvenor Centre Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB