Talent Match

What is Talent Match Programme?

Talent Match is a pre-employment preparation programme with a suitcase full of opportunities that will support young people aged between 18 –24  on their journey to secure long term employment. The project aim to harness young people potential and support them to shape new skills to show their talent to the local employers. It will help young people to learn how to take responsibility for themselves and their career goals by building skills, confidence and motivation using positive pathways including volunteering, training and employment. It will help young people to enhanced their employability skills, develop new support networks and find out different opportunities from event and training.

What services we can offer for the programme?

Activities will be designed by the participants themselves:

  • CV development
  • Interview skills
  • Work Life balance
  • Life skills that transfer to work place
  • Opportunities to improve and gain new skills
  • Volunteering Opportunities in our organisation or other organisation in the community
  • Personal support from a dedicated coach / mentor
  • Group and / or individual session

Who is eligible?

  • Young people aged 18 to 24 years old
  • Not in employment, education and training for 12 months or more (please call for discussion)
  • Belong to one or more of the following target groups:
    • Lone parent
    • Carer
    • Young Person with Alcohol or substance misuse
    • Ex-offender
    • Carer leaver
    • Young person with health related issues (include mental health issues)
    • Young person with other significant barriers to employment
  • Is not mandated to the work programme or any other statutory programme
  • Is legally able to obtain work in the UK
  • Is either permanently or temporarily resident in Greater Manchester local authority areas

To make a referral or discuss about the programme, please get in touch with us.