Young Carers

Who are Young Carers?

The definition of Young Carer is Children and Young People under the age of 18 years old who provide care to their sick relative. Their relative could be having:

  • Physical illness
  • Learning disability
  • Mental illness
  • Sensory disability
  • Family being isolated
  • Afraid of outside interference
  • Unsupported

Young carers often take a level of responsibility usually associated with an adult.

What Do Young Carers Do?

Young carers do a lot of things for the person they care for, for example:

  • Lifting them
  • Dress them
  • Keep them company
  • Help them going to toilet
  • Pay bills
  • Help them wash
  • Clean the house

In some cases they are also responsible for looking after younger brothers and sisters.

How Does Caring Affect You?

Being a young carer can be difficult and affects each young person differently. Most often, it may mean that you:

  • Worry a lot about the person you care for
  • Spending time caring when you want to relax and see your friends instead
  • Find it difficult to cope with school work
  • Feel alone, isolated and unsupported
  • Fell embarrassed to talk to others about your situation or to ask for help and advice
  • Have poor physical and mental illness due to stress, low self esteem, depression and lack of sleep

As a young carer you may need help, information and advice so that you can carry out your caring role successfully and look after your own health and well being at the same time. Many people do not realize that they are ‘carers’ and therefore unaware of the range of services available in their local community that can help to support them in their caring role.

How Can We Help You Care?

At Wai Yin we can offer you individual help and support by:

  • Putting you in contact with other young carers in similar situations who understand how you feel
  • Providing fun and a break from your caring role in the form of group trips and social activities
  • Working in partnership with relevant organisation, local support services and your school/college, in an attempt to understand and meet your caring needs
  • Providing you with information on the variety of training courses for carers
  • Arranging practical help in the form of home visits
  • Providing you with information and advice on the benefits and allowances you may be entitled to received
  • Offering you the chance to talk to someone about any problems you may have in a confidential and private environment.

Useful Websites For Young Carers

The Princess Royal Trust for Young Carers
Email: [email protected]

Children’s Society
Email: [email protected]

Carers UK
Email: [email protected]

If you want to make a referral to the Young Carers Project, please download our referral form (Word Format, 281kb), complete it and email to [email protected].