Service Users Charter

WY Service Users Charter bilingual

We aim to create a welcoming and caring environment where relationships are based on respect and the common goal to a positive outcome for each of our service users. The staff and volunteers at Wai Yin Society are committed to maintaining high expectations of good behaviour as an essential contribution to the advice experience of the service users. We hope that you will support our approach to such behaviours which, we feel, will be of benefit to all.

Wai Yin society welcomes everyone to use our advice service, regardless of age, race, ability or disability, gender, sexual orientation or background.

我們的目標是建立一個互相尊重, 歡迎及關懷的環境給予每一個服務使用者。保持良好的 服務質素,為大家服務及作出貢獻是慧妍社工作人員和義工人員的承諾。

慧妍社歡迎不同年齡,種族,殘疾,性別,性取向或不同背景人士使用我們服務及提出意 見。

Service Users 服務使用者

Responsibilities 職責

As a user of the advice service, we expect you to: 使用諮詢服務,我們希望你

  • Respect advice staff, volunteers and other service users
  • Co-operate with advice staff and volunteers
  • Attend your session punctually
  • Notify staff earlier before the appointment if you cannot attend at the scheduled time
  • Bring any appropriate documentation that may assist your case
  • 尊重諮詢工作人員,和其他服務使用者
  • 與諮詢的工作人員和義工合作
  • 準時出席
  • 如果你不能在預約時間出席, 請通知工作人員
  • 請帶同所相關資料文件出席

Sessions last for one hour each, so we ask that users be prepared to attend multiple sessions for more complex cases.


Unacceptable Behaviour 不可接受的行為

As a user of the advice service, we expect that you will not engage in:

  • Violence
  • Verbal abuse
  • Discrimination
  • Threatening behaviour
  • Obscene and / or derogatory comments
  • Insulting staff and / or volunteers of Wai Yin Society
  • 暴力
  • 辱罵
  • 歧視
  • 威脅行為
  • 淫褻及/或貶損評論 •侮辱工作人員和/或義工

Staff and Volunteers 工作人員和義工

Staff and volunteers of Wai Yin are expected to:

  • Put service users first
  • Be positive and enthusiastic
  • Treat everyone with mutual respect
  • Be polite and courteous
  • Listen to service user carefully
  • Act professionally
  • Adhere to policies set out by Wai Yin Society (such as confidentiality policies)
  • Work to protect the safety and interests of all vulnerable people
  • 服務用戶至上
  • 積極和熱誠
  • 互相尊重
  • 禮貌,謙恭有禮
  • 細聽使用者需要
  • 專業
  • 堅守慧妍社政策(如保密政策) •致力保護所有弱勢群體的安全和利益

Subject Access 檢索

In principle, the data subject has the right to know about the personal data we hold on you. This is known as the right of subject access. This applies to staff, volunteers and service users. 原則上, 資料當事人有權知道我們持有有關你的個人資料。這就稱為檢索。這都適用於 工作人員,義工和服務使用者。

When you make a valid request of accessing data, we will:

當你提出有效檢索的請求, 我們將會:

  • Tell you whether any of your personal data is being kept or processed by us
  • Give you description of the data, why we hold it and to whom it may be disclosed
  • We will supply a copy of all the actual personal data we hold on you
  • We will tell you where we got the information from, if we know
  • 任何個人資料被保存或處理
  • 給說明為什麼我們保儲各下資料,並向誰披露各下資料
  • 我們將提供所有實際個人資料及副本
  • 我們會告訴你在哪裡得到資料信息.

Anybody who wishes to access their personal data must make the request in writing or use electronic means as e-mail fax. Wai Yin Society will reply within 10 days of receiving the written request. Data will be posted to you within 28 days after the acknowledgment. We do not make a charge for this request.

任何人若希望拿取個人檔案資料, 必須向慧妍社提出書面請求或使電子郵件傳真方式。慧 妍社將在 10 天內答复收到書面請求。確認後個人檔案資料將 28 天內郵寄給你。我們不作 此要求收費。