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Health Talk: Know More about Diabetes

The health talk on the topic of diabetes given by Denise Megson, a  University of Salford nursing lecturer, on the 3rd May, was a great success! Around 20 people from the BME community attended whom received a lot of health information and advice on this national epidemic. 講座 – 糖尿病知多一點點 Health Talk – Know more Diabetes 日期Date:  2017年5月3日  (星期三Wed) 時間Time:      早上11時至中午12時 地點Venue:   常樂中心Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre Justin Close, Manchester, M13 9UB 講員:   Denise Megson (University of Salford講師) 歡迎參加!  詳情請與Louise Wong聯絡 For more information, please contact Louise Wong 電話: 0161 272 7482

4 Days 3 nights Torquay

Summer trip from 16 – 19 June 日期: 二零一七年六月十六至十九日 (星期五至一) 集合時間: 早上 八 時四十五分 集合地點 : 曼城長途旅遊車站 Manchester Central Coach Station, Chorlton Street, Off Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3JF 詳情請致電 0161 272 7482 請聯絡周姑娘及翁姑娘 Sheung Lok Elderly Centre 常樂長者中心 Grosvenor Centre Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB Torquay National Holidays    

Ambition for Ageing Community Radio

Due to cultural and language barriers, most Chinese older people switch their TV and radio to Hong Kong and China channels. Since then, Wai Yin regularly broadcasts on Radio Television Hong Kong 5 (RTHK5). We have had lots of feedback and requests from Manchester BME Chinese residents as many of them obtained information through these broadcasts. As a result, we felt that there is a need to provide community information to the wider Chinese community. Therefore a pilot project worked with ALL FM to produce ‘Radio Sheung Lok’! We had two live shows on the 1st and 30th September. To […]

Macmillan Partnership with Wai Yin

在九月,我们有一个讲座 ( 说话 ) 和一个咖啡早晨 Tuesday, 27th September – Cancer Awareness Talk (the first talk of the 4 monthly sessions) at Sheung Lok Centre, delivered by Gary Witham, Senior Lecturer at MMU Friday, 30th September – Macmillan Coffee Morning at MRI

Battle of the Somme Commemoration Event

Our volunteers and service users at Wai Yin’s Welcome Centre, on Cheetham Hill, recently took part in the national commemoration event in Manchester, Bignor Street Park on 1 July 2016,  of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme in 1916.   It was a  touching, and well-organised event. And multi-cultural in the context of commemorating WW1. For example, the many casualties included those of the Chinese Labour Corps (CLC),  the contingents recruited by the British government to support our frontline troops. People felt it was a privilege to take part, and it brought the community together.  

World Tai Chi Day 2016

We were very pleased that our service users from the Tai Chi Exercise Group, Sheung Lok Centre, participated in the World Tai Chi Day event in Salford. World Tai Chi Day is celebrated all over the world, in each country at 10am local time tai chi is performed in city parks, tiny village halls, sports centres or beaches – sending a wave of tai chi energy around the world. Media CityUK was the venue for a World Tai Chi event on Saturday 30th April. Over 300 people came together for a mass tai chi performance, workshops and demonstrations. 2016 was […]

Current Developments at the Welcome Centre

The well being activities at the New Welcome Centre are developing apace! Recently a furniture up cycling project was set up to renew and reuse donated funiture. Service users are enthusiastically learning new skills, and an observer has commented that some of the updated furniture looks an improvement on the originals! As well as the freely available food and clothes provided by the Welcome Centre, fresh fish and fresh eggs are also on the menu in due course from our fish tanks, and hens. Our volunteers are doing a wonderful job in the kitcken, and general running of the centre. An ex-Olympic cyclist from […]

Thank you Painting Volunteers!

A big thank you to our wonderful people at Sheung Lok. Recently, they  repainted the Sheung Lok Centre. 谢谢   The picture shows  our volunteers helping us (left to right): Tony Kwong, Vincent Mak,  Jayden Lai, Chung Shun Liu, Ming Chiu Chan. 照片,人, 左到右, Tony Kwong, Vincent Mak,  Jayden Lai, Chung Shun Liu, Ming Chiu Chan

Birthday Celebration of University Student on Placement!

Recently, Jeff celebrated his 21st birthday with us at Wai Yin Society. Jeff and Ariel (pictured at the front, right and second from left respectively) are two university social work students here on summer placements with us. We value our student placements who do valuable work with our service users…Thank you!!!

10K Run on 10 May for Wai Yin Society – still a few places left!!!

Thank you for all those who have donated much needed funds! Still a few places left!!! So come on you budding runners, and join in the fun for a worthwhile cause! Please enter, and support Wai Yin Society in its charitable social welfare work for ethnic minorities In doing so, you will be promoting community cohesion, and active citizenship. Telephone: 0161 833 0377 and please contact: Janice Lui and the fundraising team Or by email: [email protected] Thank you again to all those who have donated much needed funds!

Coach Trip to Canterbury and Folkestone 坎特伯雷和福克斯通

三日兩夜坎特伯雷和福克斯通 3 Days 2 nights Canterbury & Folkestone 酒店位於福克斯通(Folkestone)海邊,既可以俯瞰海港和海灘。市內有著悠久歷史的建築和寬闊的公園使福克斯通被人們譽為“英格蘭的花園”。坎特伯雷 (Canterbury) 擁有悠久的歷史與羅馬,諾曼和都鐸的建築,再加上著名的大教堂,古老的中世紀街道,使您享受一個愉快的假期。 日期: 二零一五年五月八至十日 (星期五至日 ) 集合時間: 早上 八 時四十五分 集合地點 : 曼城長途旅遊車站 Manchester Central Coach Station, Chorlton Street, Off Portland Street, Manchester, M1 3JF 費用: 會員 : £105 非會員 : £115 人數: 40人 截止報名日期: 二零一五年三月二十七日 詳情請致電 0161 272 7482 請聯絡周姑娘及翁姑娘 Sheung Lok Elderly Centre 常樂長者中心 Grosvenor Centre Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2015

日期: 2015年2月9日 (星期一 ) 時間: 12:15 地點: 皇城酒樓 費用: 會員: £13.00 非會員: £15.00 日期: 2015年2月25日 (星期三) 地點: 常樂長者午餐會 費用: 會員: £10.00 非會員: £12.00 詳情請聯絡 周姑娘 電話 0161 272 7482 常樂長者午餐會 Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre Grosvenor Centre, Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB Tel: 0161 272 7482

Macmillan Solutions Volunteer Recruitment Event

「麥美倫癌症支援服務」 義工招募大會 Macmillan Solutions Volunteer Recruitment Event Date: Monday 2nd February 2015 Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Venue: Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre Justin Close, Grosvenor Street, Manchester M13 9UB *Tel. 0161-833 0377 No one should face cancer alone Come and join us Be a Macmillan volunteer Bring light to someone’s life The programme includes: **Talks: Understanding Cancer, Meet Macmillan, How you can get involved **Question & Answer Sessions **Light Refreshments **To book your place, please call 0161-833 0377