Sally Li


Sally Li has lived in Manchester for over 20 years. She graduated at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) BA (Hons) Early Childhood Studies and passed the Diploma of Public Service Interpreting (DPSI) at the University of Salford. Now Sally is a national registered interpreter (NRPSI).  She would like to carry on studying the Masters in Social Work course as she notices that there are not many bilingual Chinese social workers in Greater Manchester. Sally feels that some more voices are needed that can advocate Chinese people in order to meet their needs.

Since January 2005, Sally has been volunteering with Wai Yin Society as a member of Board of Trustees, This allowed her to realise just how privileged people are in the Chinese community, both in terms of services and the population. Sally believes that, nowadays, the Chinese community is no longer a ‘silent minority’ and we should be proud of ourselves that Chinese language will become one of the national curriculum subjects in some mainstream schools.

During the last 18 months, she spent time in Wai Yin and was inspired by the people she met, both staff and volunteers, and the quality of service Chinese received as customer users. Sally would like to share some of the skills and training she has been so fortunate to acquire. Sally is also sure we will make a huge difference through our skills and knowledge. It’s a great challenge and we will pursue it to the limits of our endurance and ability.

Previous work experience

Sally worked in the Chinese Liaison Unit as assistant co-ordinator in 1984-1985. She transferred to the Chinese Information Centre as secretary in 1985-1986. She also worked in the BBC Eastern Horizon Chinese Radio Programme as a voluntary researcher during 1984-1986.

Sally has worked in her family business as a manageress from 1987 to 1991 then decided to has stay at home look after her children.

Since 1997 she has been working for the North West Chinese Language Centre as a voluntary teacher on Sunday.

From 2001, she returned to paid work and she is now a freelance interpreter. Her job is carried out in several areas, such as local hospitals, medical surgeries, day care units, residential care homes, family matters, housing departments and social services departments.

Since 2004, Sally has taught a small Chinese group on Saturdays in Stockport, which was funded by The Children’s Fund. The aim is to maintain an understanding of Chinese heritage and culture for the Chinese children in the Stockport area.

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