Learner support services

Free Support Services for all Wai Yin Learners

Information Advice and Guidance Service

  • Advice and Guidance about Education Training and Employment.
  • Information about UK Citizenship and Visa requirements.
  • Signposting to specialist services such as welfare benefits, debt validation?

Other Services: photocopy, fax, telephone (charges apply).

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Our Promise to you…

  • Make available a range of learning opportunities and provide well qualified tutors and high quality teaching.
  • Give learners opportunities to gain qualifications/skills; to personally develop and to access career opportunities.
  • Wherever possible provide and advise on childcare.
  • Implement and monitor an effective Harassment Policy to deal with racial and sex discrimination, bullying and disability issues.
  • Implement and monitor an effective and transparent Complaints Procedure.
  • Support authorised absence (eg. to enable learners deal with a breakdown in childcare arrangements, or other family emergency situation; for religious/cultural purposes).
  • Provide for all learners assessments and support of additional needs as appropriate/required.
  • Give all learners regular feedback on their progress an achievements, and opportunities to discuss any difficulties that may arise.
  • Implement a programme of improved access for people who are disabled.
  • Make available our policies, procedures and information in accessible formats (on request and subject to being reasonably practicable).
  • Make available learning materials in accessible formats (on request and subject to being reasonably practicable).
  • Give all learners an appropriate induction to the programme / learning activity.
  • Give all learners Confidence Information, Advice and Guidance pre-course and at other times on request.
  • Ensure confidentiality, information and support, clarity and ease of application for the Learner Support Fund.
  • Consult all learners to obtain their views on the courses and offer opportunities for representation and participation in forums that affect service delivery.
  • Listen and try to help if learners have a complaint or problem.
  • Treat all learners with courtesy and respect, and without discrimination.
  • Provide a safe and welcoming place to learn.
  • Establish black and minority ethnic and lesbian and gay learner support groups.
  • Provide opportunities for learners who are disabled, have sensing impairment and/or hearing difficulties, opportunities to disclose their difficulties etc.