Juanita Yau


Mrs Juanita Yau has been involved with Wai Yin since May 1989. A mother of two children and with a good, supportive, husband Juanita has always been able to find time for Wai Yin. The driving force for Juanita as a dedicated and committed volunteer for Wai Yin is the satisfaction of being able to help others, especially to raise the profile of the Chinese Community. She believes that persistence is the key to success.

After retiring from her normal job as an occupational hygienist, Juanita has more time to spend as a full time volunteer for Wai Yin. She has been involved in the Volunteering project, and she is the lead co-ordinator for Macmillan Solutions. She also has been given the chance to become a qualified teacher to teach Food Safety for Catering at level 2. Apart from these roles, she has given general as well as money advice at Wai Yin. Juanita loves to work as a volunteer for Wai Yin because it fulfills her dream to help people who are less fortunate than herself. At the same time, Juanita finds that she can learn a lot from it.

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