Sarah Wei Shieong Lau


Sarah was Manchester’s first Chinese Barrister-at-law, called to the Bar at Lincoln’s Inn in 1998 and was a practising barrister for 11 years in Manchester and London until in 2010, she co-founded a property tech company, Rentlord, as Head of Legals. In 2018, Sarah led the legal team who managed the corporate legal operations of the £1M partnership between Innovate UK and TusPark UK, the first UK-China accelerator programme that brought UK companies to China. In 2019, she joined BLM solicitors to specialise in Corporate and Commercial Practice Development.

Sarah advises on multiple aspects of law, including Corporate, Commercial, Property, Immigration, Employment, and Crime and hopes to bring her experience and professional guidance to help Wai Yin fulfil their mission of improving the lives and well being of the socially excluded and disadvantaged as well as promoting the interests of the Chinese community in an ever evolving society. Sarah has served on the Board of Trustees for Wai Yin between 2000-2005 until she moved to London, and was invited back to the Board in 2018, and she is proud and inspired to witness the growth of Wai Yin over 2 decades.


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