SEVA Development Team – Mental Health Community Development Workers

SEVA is a Hindi word which means service to your community, bringing honour to you and your family.

The Seva Team is a new initiative in Manchester which started in January this year. The Team was formed as a partnership between Wai Yin Society, the Pakistani Resource Centre and the African and Caribbean Mental Health Service.

The purpose of the SEVA Team is to help minority ethnic communities develop services which can support people suffering from mental health problems. There are seven Community Development Workers with our own Chinese CDW joining the team.

In March and April, we have been advertising these posts nationally and the full-time team is expected to be in post from July onwards

The SEVA Team builds on a tradition of partnership with other Black and Minority Ethnic community organisations and represents a fascinating challenge for Wai Yin’s future

Since the SEVA Project is a partnership between Wai Yin Society, Pakistani Resource Centre and African Caribbean Mental Health Service, we have set up a dedicated SEVA website.