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Easter 2016 Multi-Sport Activity Day

Friday 15 April 2016 四月,十五天, 星期五 Multi-Activity youth project 2 Number of places: 20 people If you are interested, please contact Family Unit staff (Amy or Woon) at: 66-68 Swan St, Manchester, M4 5JU 0161 833 0377


2016家庭溜冰樂  Altrincham Family Ice Skating   曰期:二零一六年二月十八日星期四 時間: 上午十點至下午三點 集合地点: 慧妍總部 價格: 會員 0-3歲 免費 兒童 (四歲 以上) £7.00 成人 £7.00 非會員 0-3歲 免費 兒童 (四歲 以上) £14.00 成人 £14.00   Date: Thursday 18th February 2016 Time: 10:00am – 3:00pm Gathering Point: Wai Yin Headquarters   PRICES: Members: 0-3 years old FREE Child (4+) £7.00 Adults £7.00   Non-members: 0-3 years old FREE Child (4+) £14.00 Adults £14.00   請自備車費及午餐 FOOD AND TRAVEL NOT INCLUDED   如果有興趣參加, 請聯絡家庭組同事鍾先生或鄭姑娘 If you are interested, please contact Family Unit Staff (Alfred or Woon) at 66-68 Swan St, Manchester M4 5JU 0161 833 0377 […]

2015 Family Christmas Celebration 親子圣诞庆祝会

  图片上点击,大见 click on image to see details clearly! 如果有兴趣参加, 请联系家庭组同事 鄭姑娘或黃姑娘 If you are interested, please contact Woon / Amy [Telephone 电话 ] 0161 833 0377 [Address地址] 66-68 Swan Street Manchester M4 5JU

Potential Booster

This programme is partly in response to young service users’ feedback. please see Susan’s letter (Chinese and English) attached:

Knowsley Coach Safari

See many wild animals in your Easter holiday 在復活節假期裏,能看到許多野生動物 Day trip 一日遊 8th April 四月八日 Families first priority. 家庭将被优先. Please contact Amy / Woon for places 請與黃姑娘/鄭姑娘聯絡: Tel (電話) 0161 833 0377 April 2015 Safari outing ver2

Parenting Course 亲子课程

我们将提供免费亲子课程给住在Manchester 的家长或监护人,如果您有2-11岁的孩子, 歡迎你參加。 我们的亲子课程会包括: 怎样教育聪明,自信,健康的孩子? 怎样建立良好的亲子关系? 怎样帮助您的孩子改掉不良习惯? 我们同时也会分享其他家长的养育经历………… 我们希望您愉快地享受孩子们成长的每一天…… 授课时间 05/02/2015-26/03/2015 逢星期四 10:30 am — 1:00 pm 地址 慧妍社 Wai Yin Society 66-68 Swan Street Manchester M4 5JU 电话 0161 833 0377   联系人:鄭姑娘 Woon Lay-cheng

New Eyes Youth Exchange Programme 2014 – 2105

What is NEW EYES? NEW EYES is a youth exchange programme for young people who are 16-24 years old. As a young person you will have the opportunity to travel abroad (Sweden and Greece), make lifelong friends with young people from other countries and learn from each other. An exchange like this will give you life experiences that would otherwise take years to accumulate. Applications close on Friday 9th January 2015 Contact Details: Amy Wong, Yusura Hassan & Sarah Thurogood Wai Yin Society 66-68 Swan Street Manchester M4 5JU Telephone 0161 833 0377 / 07518678624 Email [email protected]

Family Christmas Party for Single Mums/ Lone Parents on 22/12/2014 (Monday)

Family X’mas Party Date: 22/12/2014 (Monday) Time: 11 am -2 pm Place: Wai Yin Centre Activities: Games, group session, presents, lunch To enquire, please speak to Woon or Amy. 溫溫馨馨過聖誕 日期: 2014年12月22日(星期一) 時間: 上午十一時至下午二時 地點: 慧妍社總部 活動內容: 遊戲, 小組活動, 禮物, 午餐 如有資詢請聯絡鄭姑娘彧黃姑娘

EU Youth Exchange Project

During April 2013 – 2014, we selected and worked with 8 young people from the Chinese and Somali communities (three Chinese people and five Somali girls aged between 16 – 18 years) who then participated in this project. These young people had the opportunities to develop a wide range of skills such as presentation, communication, team work and research skills. The group also had the opportunities to meet young people in Greece, and develop their knowledge and understanding of immigration and active citizenship. In April 2014, two of the Wai Yin Society youth workers took this group of Somali and […]

HLF Young Roots Project

The project is progressing well. We have carried out 12 evening sessions and one team building day since April 2014. The young people have enjoyed all the activities and they are making good friendships in the group. They are meeting on Thursday evenings from 17:00 to 19:30. They have gathered information about the Chinese Moon Festival and preparing to interview other communities about the Moon, and its significance in their cultures. A series of workshops and activities are planned for July and August, and we are on target to have an event in September to show our work and celebrate […]