New Course Timetable from Jan to Mar 2020 (新課程時間表)

Wai Yin’s ETE Team have published our exciting new timetable for the new term (Jan to Mar 2020) which, as always, offers a wide range of courses for everyone in the community.  Our classes always aim to give our learners the tools to improve their English and ICT knowledge whilst learning a wide range of valuable skills which will help them to improve their employment prospects, access volunteering opportunities and live independent lives.

During this period Wai Yin is offering courses in a variety of locations throughout Manchester and Salford, working with partners old and new, to reach as many learners as possible. Please see the timetable, our Website and follow our Twitter posts for more information about these venues and the courses taking place in them.

Wai Yin is very proud of our dedicated tutors, our amazing learners, and the original and engaging courses that we offer. We are really looking forward to another exciting time delivering learning throughout Manchester and Salford.

Everyone is welcome in our learning community!

 Term 24 Jan to April 2020 5