BNO Project – Summer sessions – Driving in the UK & Housing in the UK

Two free and exciting summer sessions for BNO visa holders will be held at the Welcome Centre in August.  These sessions are a great introduction to living in the UK and will tell you all about how things work. They are delivered by our tutor David in English and our Cantonese-speaking staff are available if you have any questions.

8 月在歡迎中心為 BNO 簽證持有者舉辦兩場免費且令人興奮的夏季課程。這些活動很好地介紹了在英國的生活,並將告訴你如何運用所學的知識及技能來幫助自己的日常生活。這些課堂由我們的David老師用英語面授。如果你有任何疑問,我們在場的工作人員會隨時為你們提供廣東話翻譯。


On Monday 22nd August, David is delivering a whole day session on Housing in the UK. This session will tell you about renting and buying properties, and how both these systems work in England.

8 月 22 日(星期一),David 將會就英國的房屋問題提供一天的課堂。這次課堂將會告訴你們有關租賃和購買房產的信息,以及這兩種系統在英格蘭的運作方式。


On Wednesday 31st August, David will be delivering a session on Driving in the UK. This session will tell you all about how to access driving lessons, what the UK driving test involves, and what the essential rules about road safety and vehicle maintenance are.

8 月 31 日(星期三),David 將會提供一天關於在英國駕駛的課程。本課程將向你們介紹如何參與駕駛課程、英國駕駛考試涉及哪些內容,以及有關道路安全和車輛保養的基本規則是什麼。


The sessions run from 10am to 3pm and free lunch is included on each day. Booking is essential and places are limited, so if you would like to register for a place, please ring (0161 513 4126) or email Gahmei ([email protected]) so she can send you a registration form.

課程進行時間為上午 10 點到下午 3 點,每天提供免費午餐。名額有限,如果你想報讀,請盡快致電或發電子郵件給Gahmei ([email protected]),以便我們給你發送一份報名表。


The address for the Welcome Centre is 18 – 32 Brentfield Avenue, Manchester M8 0TW.

慧妍社歡迎中心的地址是 18 – 32 Brentfield Avenue, Manchester M8 0TW。