First 1000 Days Interactive Education Sessions

Are you a mum to be, a new parent or grandparent?

Our First 1000 Days project is designed to support everyone around the baby during this crucially important time to ensure healthy development and a positive start in life and is a joint project with Wai Yin Society and the Bangladeshi Women’s Organisation.

We have many years of experience with supporting BAME women and their families, and we are using this to ensure that our First 1000 Days Project offers complete support with practical advice with all aspects of pregnancy, parenting, health and nutrition. We can support you with access to our wider services offering practical hands on support, advice around benefits and housing, advocacy, a wide range of education courses and support from our specialist family team if needed.

As part of this we are running a series of interactive online sessions and the summer series starts on Tuesday 8th June 2021 at 1pm and runs for six weeks. This course is covering school admissions and early years education, an introduction to benefits and the safety of vaccines, as well as covering mental and physical health, and language development.

If you would like to join our friendly sessions, you can register at:

Call: 0161 833 0377

Email: [email protected]