Women Together

An online project to bring BAME Women together to build confidence, learn new skills and find out about the opportunities available to them. 

Wai Yin’s Women Together Project was launched in January with our very successful Tea and Confidence sessions where inspirational female speakers visited the sessions talk with the participants about their area of achievement and share stories about their journey to get to that position. The sessions involved developing language skills, asking questions of the speakers and visiting different venues. They were very popular and generated a great deal of interest in the local press, but, like most other activities, they had to be stopped when the nation went into lockdown due to COVID19.  

Realising how important the Women Together Project was to our female learners Wai Yin has decided to relaunch it with an entirely online delivery through Zoom. This means that BAME women who are not working can now sign up to the following courses: 

  • Women’s Confidence Workshops 
  • Digital Skills
  • Art Classes 
  • Befriending Training 
  • Nature in the City/Gardening Course

All our courses are taught by professionally qualified tutors and we will support learners to move into volunteering, employment or further education if that is what they want to do.  

Please email [email protected] to find out more.  

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