Zoom English for Seniors

ESOL for Seniors


日期 Date:星期一 Monday (七月左右開始 Starts from around July)

時間 Time:上午 10:00至上午 11:00 (10am 11am)

地點 location 網上 ZOOM online Zoom

導師Teacher:  Patrick Steele

“如果您不知道如何安裝 “Zoom”,我們將嘗試帮助您如何在智能手機或平板電腦中安裝”

 “If you don’t know how to install Zoom, we will try to support you how to install it on your smartphone or tablet”

歡迎 55 歲以上有興趣的人仕報名

Welcome to those who are 55 years old and above to register

詳情請致電  0161 513 4127 常樂長者中心

For details, please call Sheung Lok Centre on 0161 5134127 


Contact Louise Wong or Sou Ha Yung