Women Together Project – ‘Tea and Confidence Workshops’ and our ‘Women’s Art Groups’

As part of our new Women Together Project, starting in January 2020, we have some exciting new free activities for our female learners including our ‘Tea and Confidence Workshops’ and our ‘Women’s Art Groups’.

The Tea and Confidence Workshops are learning sessions designed around making new friends, improving language skills, gaining new knowledge and building confidence. The workshops are run by a Wai Yin ESOL tutor and for each session an inspiring women speaker will be invited to give a talk and answer questions. The sessions are built on the premise of, ‘If I can see it, I can be it’. Participants in the workshops will have an introduction to the talk before the speaker arrives with a chance to practise their language skills and any questions they might want to ask. Afterwards the group will reflect on what they have heard and learnt over refreshments. The group will be able to lead the sessions by deciding for themselves who they would like to invite as speakers. Workshops will run at the Welcome Centre in Cheetham Hill and Headquarters in Swan Street in the city centre starting in January.

Our Women’s Art Groups will run on Wednesday mornings, starting in January 2020. Both groups are led by artist tutors who will help women participants to build their confidence by expressing themselves through art. At HQ the group will concentrate on calligraphy and at the Welcome Centre the group will be led by the participants.

If you would like to take part in any of these sessions, please contact Susan on [email protected] or 07832 996 498.

Tea and Confidence WC

Tea and Confidence HQ 1

Women’s Art Group Poster

Women’s Art Group Poster WC