International Women’s Day 2018

Women of possibilities!

This month, we celebrated International Women’s Day with a number of programmed activities within our local communities.   We were delighted that over 100 people turned up on the actual day (Thursday 8th March) to celebrate International Women’s Day with a number of programmed activities at Sheung Lok Well Being Centre.  A creative drama presented by a group of women brought the audience back to 100 years ago, to the Women’s Suffrage movement in both China and the UK.  It’s not commonly known that those pioneering efforts in China contributed to women getting the vote in the UK.

We discussed the lives of women migrating from South East Asia including Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Malaysia, Macau, all of whom, now live in Manchester. They shared with us their stories and experiences of struggling, progressing, and in their personal achievements in the UK. We also used memory boxes to catch their stories. Afterward we used creative art work with Chinese Lanterns to describe these strong Manchester women, and we are showcasing this art work at the centre throughout the year.



There were also songs sung in Chinese, a Tai chi demonstration, dancing, and certificates awarded.  All FM Sheung Lok Radio recorded, and broadcasted, the insights over two days.

It was a wonderful opportunity for our service users and the local community to celebrate International Women’s Day together; we all learned from our shared history, and it can inspire future generations to create new historical moments and chapters in social justice.