Believing in Young People

We are delighted to announce that Wai Yin Society has recently achieved the Ambition Quality Bronze Award. This award is only available to organisations that provide services to young people. This is the first time that we have applied for this particular award, and demonstrates to external stakeholders that our service is safe, well run and nationally-accredited.

For more information on specific youth services that we can provide for your organisation, please contact: Alfred Chung, family Services team, email [email protected] or telephone 0161 833 0377


Ambition Quality is an externally-validated award which enables youth organisations to develop and improve. It is suitable for organisations of all sizes – from one-night-a-week youth clubs to larger charities and community organisations. Participants’ progress through 3 award levels – Bronze, Silver and Gold, measured against nine quality areas.

Ambition Quality will enable you to:

  • Make organisational changes which benefit staff, volunteers and young people
  • Publicly demonstrate that your service is safe and well run
  • Become more robust and sustainable
  • Evidence the impact of your work with young people

For more information about the award itself, please see