Active Citizens, Empowered Voices

We take great pleasure in sharing with you that with the funding supported by a grant from Tony Lloyd Police & Crime Commissionerwe were given the opportunity to carry out “Active Citizens, Empowered Voices (ACEV) Project”. This project aims to enable people, particularly from BME communities, to gain confidence in English communication skills as well as supporting to build a safer and stronger community in Manchester especially in North Manchester area. 


Under this project, we have:

  • Organised talks such as Hate Crime Talks, How to Make Use of the Community Police Drop-in sessions and learning more about LGBT communities.
  • Organised a summer fair where local residents were invited to participate and to celebrate the diversity of the British Society.
  • Produced an “Empowered Voices” DVD which recorded a training session about hate crime.
  • Produced a poster to promote positive images of British citizens.
  • Recorded stories of how new migrants came to the UK and settled within their community here in Manchester.


If you’d like to find out more about the journeys of our new migrants, read their case studies HERE. Also, do watch the following “Empowered Voices” video which we produced to learn more about hate crime:


Finally, if you want to find out more about how Wai Yin Society can help you settle into your community here in Manchester, get in touch with us today!