Circle Steele


Circle Steele is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at Wai Yin Society,  which provides support to, and has empowered and worked in partnership with,  migrants and families for 30 years (since 1988). She has extensive experience of working with community-based organisations and feels extremely proud to be a part of one of the largest community centres in the Greater Manchester.

She won the British Diversity Gold Award for involving local young people in employment, in partnership with Halifax Bank. She shared the experience of diversity and integration at international conferences in countries such as Sweden and Germany.

She was pleased to receive an invitation from Her Majesty to attend a Royal Garden Party at Buckingham Palace in 2008 to acknowledge the contribution she had made to society.  She recently attended one of the Coronation parties to celebrate the coronation of King Charles.

As an Executive Member of various other boards and organisations, she consistently champions cultural diversity on behalf of, and gives a voice to, ethnically diverse communities in Greater Manchester. Circle is a member of the Black & Asian Minority Ethnic Research Advisory Group, which plays a key role in shaping the direction of health research in the NIHR Manchester.  Circle is member of the Race Equality Panel for Greater Manchester.

She was nominated as one of the Strong Manchester Women campaigners in the 100th year anniversary of the suffragette movement in 2018.

Circle was nominated for the INSPIRE AWARDS as a Woman in Leadership finalist 2020,2021

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