Opening Times

Main headquarters

Monday 9.30am (9.30) 5.30pm (17.30)
Tuesday 9.30am (9.30) 5.30pm (17.30)
Wednesday 9.30am (9.30) 5.30pm (17.30)
Thursday 9.30am (9.30) 5.30pm (17.30)
Friday 9.30am (9.30) 5.30pm (17.30)
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Sheung Lok Centre

Monday 9.30am (9.30) 4.30pm (16.30)
Tuesday 9.30am (9.30) 4.30pm (16.30)
Wednesday 9.30am (9.30) 4.30pm (16.30)
Thursday 9.30am (9.30) 4.30pm (16.30)
Friday 9.30am (9.30) 4.30pm (16.30)
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

Welcome Centre

Monday Closed
Tuesday 10am (10.00) 3pm (15.00)
Wednesday Closed
Thursday 10am (10.00) 3pm (15.00)
Friday 10am (10.00) 3pm (15.00)
Saturday Closed
Sunday Closed

On weekends, telephone calls will be diverted to a messaging system to allow for all queries to be recorded. Since the majority of staff will not be available over weekends, please bear with our staff to contact you back when they are next available.