Family Unit

Wai Yin’s Family Unit was established in 2007. It was formed because we want to provide holistic services to all members in a family. The Family Unit work with people with unborn children until they reach the age to use our Older People Project. Services that we are providing:

  • Address family issues, e.g. support families with special needs children
  • Advocating
  • Basic benefit advice
  • Classes, e.g. ESOL, Parenting
  • Family Assessment
  • Healthy living style activities
  • Information Workshops
  • Interpreting
  • Peer group forum

The Family Unit has four projects running; CHOPSTIX (Youth) Project, Family Learning Project, Parenting and Women Project and Safe in the Northwest Project. Each project works with a particular group of family members. We work with different partners to address your needs, for example. Manchester Children’s Services, Sure Start Centres, schools, benefits agencies and immigration agencies. More information can be found in the projects’ links listed on the right column.

The Family Unit is a growing service and there are many services we want to provide because our main aim is to improve the living standard of the Chinese families in Greater Manchester. Please contact us and we can share our expertise with you and support you through different stage of your families’ lives. If you have any queries and needs advice, please contact our team and we will either provide information or we will support you to look for other agencies to address your issues.