Yan Zhang


Yan Zhang was born in Sichuan Province, China. She worked in the tourism industry before she came to the UK in 1999. She studied Politics and Asia Pacific studies at Leeds University. She became an active volunteer for local communities groups, which provided services for the Chinese and other minority groups in 2000.

Yan worked for Leeds City Council, specialising in community work with the East Asian community. She won a government award for her achievement. From there she was appointed to a more senior job in community development with Manchester City Council.

Yan established Glamorous Travel Limited in 2010. Her company is based in Manchester which specialises in providing tailor made tour packages and programmes for Chinese visitors to Britain and continental Europe. Yan’s business has attracted an increasing number of high end Chinese clients.

Yan enjoys the opportunities that Britain has offered her, in her spare time, she is passionate about offering help and support to her local community.

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