Recording Memories

Wednesday 25th April 2018
Starts at 10:00 am

Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre

RM poster

Macmillan Solutions are offering a “Recording Memories” training activity at our Sheung Lok Well being Centre. 

It’s a pioneering service that allows people with life-threatening illnesses, or those receiving palliative care, to record their life story on audio CD. It’s a remarkable project in many ways – not least because a team of volunteers is at its heart.

‘The idea of being able to leave a voice recording for your future grandchildren can be very significant too. What’s more, family members really value the CD. Everyone has photographs of their loved ones, but few have recordings to listen to.’

Volunteers are integral to the project’s success. ‘From preparing the equipment and conducting the interviews to editing and archiving the recordings, there’s a lot involved.’ And, while the volunteers carry out a wide range of tasks, they all get a real sense of satisfaction from giving their time to the project.

For more information, please contact Anny, telephone 0161 833 0377, or email [email protected]