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Job Opportunity – ETE Assistant

Job Opportunity at Wai Yin Society    We are looking for a new assistant to support our Education, Training and Employment (ETE) team.  The position is based at the Welcome Centre,18-32 Brentfield Avenue, Manchester, M8 0TW from Monday to Thursday.      Duties include looking after the Welcome Centre reception and providing administrative support to the ETE team.  Please see the attached Job Description and Person Specification for more details.      We are looking for someone who enjoys working with people, has good administrative and IT skills, and who can work well as part of a team.      If you would […]

New courses for People Together Programme

Please be informed that two of the new courses will start next week. Here is the information for your reference. Preparing you for life in the UK Start Date: Tuesday, 9th March 2021 End Date: Tuesday, 25th May 20201 Time: 7:30pm to 9:30pm   English for Email and Letter Writing Start Date: Thursday, 11th March 2021 End Date: Thursday, 1st April 2021 Time: 10am to 11:30am   If you are interested, please register via this link   If you have any problem, please feel free to contact us (0161 833 0377).  

New courses

Wai Yin Society have 2 new free online classes starting after half term.   ESOL for Everyday Conversation – this is an ESOL class which focuses on spoken English skills for learners at Entry 3 and above.   Living in the UK – this is an English class that concentrates on life in the UK   Learners can register at

People Together Spring 2021 (2021年春季在一起計劃)

People Together Spring 2021    Our popular People Together project is back for the spring 2021 term!    This is a free online project to help participants build resilience, improve confidence and develop new skills. It is for unemployed BAME men and women who want to get into volunteering, employment, further education and learn more about life in the UK.   This term we are running three core courses: Money Management Skills with tutor Jessica on Mondays at 10am Digital Skills with tutor Rebecca on Thursdays at 12 noon Employability Skills with tutor Eileen on Mondays at 7:30pm We are […]

Wai Yin Online Courses 2021年春季課程時間表

Hello everyone, Please find attached Wai Yin Society’s new timetable for our free online courses for spring 2021. All of our courses are online and free. Learners can click on this link to join any of our courses: Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01618330377 if you have further questions. Thank you!   大家好 我想與你分享慧妍社學習中心2021年春季的課程時間表,下星期就開始上課,有興趣的,請盡快報名。 我們所有的課程都是免費的在網上學習,大家可安坐家中上課。 有興趣的學習者,可以到以下鏈結報讀課程: 如果您還有其他問題,請隨時與我們聯繫01618330377。 謝謝!! Wai Yin Courses Spring 2021 Version 3

People Together

Build your confidence, learn new skills and take control!  Have you been hit by the effects of COVID19 and the lockdown? Are you worried about money, your health and finding work? People Together is a new project for BAME men and women in Greater Manchester who want to build confidence and learn new skills to move into work, volunteering and further education. People Together has free online courses on: Employability Skills Money Management Digital Skills Health and Wellbeing These courses are supported by mentoring, small group learning around employability skills such as CV writing and interview skills, and introductions and […]

Wai Yin Online Courses

Hello everyone,   I just want to share the ETE Team’s new timetable for autumn 2020 with you, and also tell you about our Women Together courses which are the first classes to start in the new term.   All of our courses are online and free.   Learners can click on this link to join any of our courses:   Please could you share this link, and the attached posters with any potential learners and partners who may be interested.   The Women Together Project is for BAME women who are not working and it aims to support them to learn […]

Women Together

An online project to bring BAME Women together to build confidence, learn new skills and find out about the opportunities available to them.  Wai Yin’s Women Together Project was launched in January with our very successful Tea and Confidence sessions where inspirational female speakers visited the sessions talk with the participants about their area of achievement and share stories about their journey to get to that position. The sessions involved developing language skills, asking questions of the speakers and visiting different venues. They were very popular and generated a great deal of interest in the local press, but, like most […]

Learning in Lockdown

How the ETE Team has gone online so our community can keep learning!  As a result of the COVID19 pandemic and lockdown, our ETE Team quickly realized that they had to move the Wai Yin’s courses online so that our students could continue to learn during lockdown. The team and the tutors all worked together to redesign courses so that they could be delivered through various online platforms, and used emails, texts, telephone and social media to stay connected to the learners and ensure that the team understood what learners needed to continue learning. The team and the tutors used […]

New Courses Timetable

Every day is a learning day. Never give up.   Our daily lives may have changed recently. However, we have evolved and adapted to the situation to bring you some fantastic online learning courses.   The COVID-19 pandemic will not stop our passion and determination to serve our students. If you know someone who wants to join the group, please ask them to register using the link below: 如果您認識某人想加入該小組,請使用以下鏈接要求他們註冊:   All our classes run online via the Zoom.  If you would like to join the lesson and you don’t have Zoom apps, please feel free to download onto your computer, tablet […]

Zoom English for Seniors

ESOL for Seniors 長者英語班 日期 Date:星期一 Monday (七月左右開始 Starts from around July) 時間 Time:上午 10:00至上午 11:00 (10am – 11am) 地點 location: 網上 ZOOM – online Zoom 導師Teacher:  Patrick Steele “如果您不知道如何安裝 “Zoom”,我們將嘗試帮助您如何在智能手機或平板電腦中安裝”  “If you don’t know how to install Zoom, we will try to support you how to install it on your smartphone or tablet” 歡迎 55 歲以上有興趣的人仕報名 Welcome to those who are 55 years old and above to register 詳情請致電  0161 513 4127 常樂長者中心 For details, please call Sheung Lok Centre on 0161 5134127  請聯絡黃姑娘或翁姑娘   Contact Louise Wong or Sou Ha Yung

Every day is a learning day. Never give up.

Every day is a learning day. Never give up.   Our daily lives may have changed recently. However, we have evolved and adapted to the situation to bring you some fantastic online learning courses.   The COVID-19 pandemic will not stop our passion and determination to serve our students.   Our online courses are always growing, but we currently have courses in the following subjects:   English ESOL Conversation Skills English ESOL Homework Club IT Class Gardening Group B1 Selt Life in the UK If you or someone you know is interested in these courses, please fill in the registration form […]

New Course Timetable from Jan to Mar 2020 (新課程時間表)

Wai Yin’s ETE Team have published our exciting new timetable for the new term (Jan to Mar 2020) which, as always, offers a wide range of courses for everyone in the community.  Our classes always aim to give our learners the tools to improve their English and ICT knowledge whilst learning a wide range of valuable skills which will help them to improve their employment prospects, access volunteering opportunities and live independent lives. During this period Wai Yin is offering courses in a variety of locations throughout Manchester and Salford, working with partners old and new, to reach as many learners as possible. Please […]

Women Together Project – ‘Tea and Confidence Workshops’ and our ‘Women’s Art Groups’

As part of our new Women Together Project, starting in January 2020, we have some exciting new free activities for our female learners including our ‘Tea and Confidence Workshops’ and our ‘Women’s Art Groups’. The Tea and Confidence Workshops are learning sessions designed around making new friends, improving language skills, gaining new knowledge and building confidence. The workshops are run by a Wai Yin ESOL tutor and for each session an inspiring women speaker will be invited to give a talk and answer questions. The sessions are built on the premise of, ‘If I can see it, I can be […]