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The Dream Project 2023

Dream Project 2023 A new creative project for older East Asian and British East Asian people with stories to tell and who want to celebrate and make visible the lives of older people who are often under-represented in our theatres. This is the start of a creative journey with the Royal Exchange Theatre. The project is delivered in partnership with  Wai Yin Society. No experience is necessary.
 If you want to chat about the project, please contact Andy at the Royal Exchange Theatre on 0161 615 6792 or Louise at Wai Yin on 0161 272 7482. 一個為東亞裔和英國東亞裔年長人士創新的項目. 這個項目會在我們的劇院𥚃講述他們的故事, 慶祝和可看到一般被忽視年長人士的生活. 這個創作旅程從皇家交流劇院開始. […]

Health Talk on Eyesight

Health Talk _eyesight Health talk on use of technological aids to assist eyesight by Claire of RNIB/ Vision Aid Tuesday 25th April 2023, 10:30 am – 12 pm Contact: Ms Chow / Ms Chung, Tel: 0161 272 7482