Wai Yin’s BNO Project for Hong Kongers

Wai Yin’s BNO Project for Hong Kongers 

Would you like to understand more about getting employment in the UK and understanding British workplace culture? Our BNO Project is holding 2 one day events led by our employability tutor, David, to help you to understand: 

  • finding employment 
  • British workplace culture 
  • how to write a good CV 
  • completing application forms 
  • interviews in the UK 

Each session has many opportunities for asking questions so you can find out the information that you want to know! The courses are delivered in English and our Cantonese speaking staff are available to support you.  

The courses are on Friday 3rd February and Friday 10th February from 10am to 3pm at Wai Yin’s Sheung Lok Centre, Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB.   Free delicious lunch provided!

Register now at www.waiyin.org.uk/bnoevent