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Wai Yin’s BNO Project for Hong Kongers

Wai Yin’s BNO Project for Hong Kongers  Would you like to understand more about getting employment in the UK and understanding British workplace culture? Our BNO Project is holding 2 one day events led by our employability tutor, David, to help you to understand:  finding employment  British workplace culture  how to write a good CV  completing application forms  interviews in the UK  Each session has many opportunities for asking questions so you can find out the information that you want to know! The courses are delivered in English and our Cantonese speaking staff are available to support you.   The […]

Wai Yin Spring 2023 New Courses Timetable

The Spring 2023 new courses timetable is ready now.   All our courses are for the community, free to access and a mixture of face-to-face and online.   Please do not hesitate to contact us @ 0161 833 0377 if you need further information.   Learners can register by scanning the QR code or following the link   Scan the QR code to access the registration form. Spring 2023 Timetable Wai Yin Spring 2023 Course

Health Boosting Recipes

尋找傳統保健食療 Health Boosting Recipes 鼓勵人們保持健康的生活方式,並通過傳統保健食療增強免疫系統, 歡迎分享健康飲食資料. To encourage people to maintain a healthy lifestyle and boost their immune system through traditional recipes, welcome to share healthy eating information. 一起收集來自其他不同文化的保健食療,並出版在一本小冊子! 您可以將您的保健食療發送至 慧妍社常樂長者中心 These will be collected and published in a booklet together with other remedies from many different cultures! You can send your recipes, remedies or tips to: Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre, Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB Date 日期: 9/01/2023 Monday 星期一 Time 時間: 11:30 am – 1:00pm We will provide a light lunch 我們將提供簡單的午餐 Health boosting recipes