New Hong Kong BNO Visa Holders Project

New Hong Kong BNO Visa Holders Project

What we can provide for you


Wai Yin’s new Hong Kong BNO Project is providing support to Hong Kong BNO Visa holders moving to Greater Manchester. Our staff team speak Cantonese and are offering a wide range of services, activities and courses to help people to settle into their new communities, make new friends and learn about living in the UK.


We are offering social activities so that people can meet others, make new friends and visit interesting places in Greater Manchester. We have a walking group that is exploring the local area and organising trips to places that will be of interest and which illustrate all the different aspects of UK culture and tradition. We are looking at arranging trips to venues and events, big and small, across Greater Manchester and want to get as many people, of all ages, involved in this. As part of this, our befriending service provides one to one and group support in Cantonese and English to people to help them to talk about what is on their mind and discuss what support they want.


We are also offering gardening, and art and craft sessions which we are delivering in a blended offer, some face to face and some online, so that as many people as possible can join in. These classes will give people a chance to learn about growing fruit and vegetables in the UK climate, and a chance to get creative and make beautiful things while chatting to others.


We are supporting people to get involved in volunteering, active citizenship and to improve their employability skills through one to one support and our wide range of free online courses (see below). Our project aims to give people the knowledge they need to understand the processes of applying for volunteering opportunities and employment in the UK, as well as putting people in contact with specialist organisations who can help improve skills and open the doors to getting work.


We can help people to improve their employability skills and knowledge of living in the UK workplace through the information provided by our courses which look at all aspects of life from parenting, health care and accessing services, through to our bespoke employability courses and access to our Work Club which will deal with the UK application process, workplace culture and provide knowledge about accessing different sectors through invited experts (licences, qualifications, self-employment etc.)


The online courses we offer are:

  • Employability – CV/application process, interview skills, etc.
  • Introduction to UK Work Culture – formal/informal language, workplace culture, equality and diversity.
  • Knowledge for Working in the UK – sector specific talks on access/qualifications.
  • Everyday Skills for Life in the UK – housing, accessing services, GP, recycling, etc.
  • Volunteering and Active Citizenship in the UK – access to and the benefits of volunteering and taking part in public life.
  • Parenting and Family Life – health, parenting norms, support, schools, etc.


You can register at

Our project also offers advice from Cantonese speaking advisers who can provide information about all the issues people might have questions about, as well as being able to direct people to specialist advice organisations, provide interpreting and help with completing forms.


You can get further information by calling 0161 833 0377 or emailing [email protected]


You can register at or scan the QR code on the poster/here