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Women Together

An online project to bring BAME Women together to build confidence, learn new skills and find out about the opportunities available to them.  Wai Yin’s Women Together Project was launched in January with our very successful Tea and Confidence sessions where inspirational female speakers visited the sessions talk with the participants about their area of achievement and share stories about their journey to get to that position. The sessions involved developing language skills, asking questions of the speakers and visiting different venues. They were very popular and generated a great deal of interest in the local press, but, like most […]

Learning in Lockdown

How the ETE Team has gone online so our community can keep learning!  As a result of the COVID19 pandemic and lockdown, our ETE Team quickly realized that they had to move the Wai Yin’s courses online so that our students could continue to learn during lockdown. The team and the tutors all worked together to redesign courses so that they could be delivered through various online platforms, and used emails, texts, telephone and social media to stay connected to the learners and ensure that the team understood what learners needed to continue learning. The team and the tutors used […]