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Wai Yin Zoom Gardening Group

Do you like gardening?  Would you like to talk to other gardeners during the lockdown?   Would you like to learn more from a gardening tutor?  Join our Zoom Gardening Group   Every Wednesday at 11am Please contact Susan on [email protected] or Ling on [email protected] to join. ***************************************************************************************************** 你對園藝有興趣嗎? 想与其他園藝的喜愛者交換心得嗎? 又或想安坐家中向一位園藝師學習 ? 慧姸社想約你每星期三早上11点通過zoom視像進行,歡迎您参加園藝小組。 由于該園藝師是外籍人仕,所以屆时會設有即時翻译 (廣東話和普通話)。 若你想参加園藝小組,請與下列人仕查詢及報名: [email protected] [email protected] Zoom Gardening Group Poster