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通告 Notice

慧妍社於12月21日(星期三)休假一天, 12月22日(星期四) 服務恢復正常. Wai Yin Society will be closed on Wednesday 21st December 2016. Service will resume on Thursday 22nd December 2016.

Dr. Sylvia Sham: Obituary Notice

It is with profound sorrow that we announce the passing of our CEO, Dr Sylvia Sham, on Saturday evening, 10th December 2016, after a short illness with cancer. Life can be like a long-distance race, where patience and endurance with small beginnings grow into bigger visions. Sylvia ran this race. She poured so much of herself into seeing Wai Yin Society services expand, reaching more and more people, regardless of background and culture. Last year, she received the “Spirit of Manchester Awards 2015: Contribution to the sector Award” for her committed work, which has made a huge difference to the […]

通告 Notice

通告 慧妍社将于以下日期休圣诞节及新年假: 2016年12月22日(星期四,下午1点后) 2016年12月26– 28日(星期一、二、三) 2017年1月2日(星期一) 我们将于以下日期正常提供服务: 2016年12月23日(星期五) 2016年12月29– 30日(星期四、星期五) 2017年1月3日(星期二) Notice Wai Yin Society will be closed on the following dates for Christmas and New Year holiday: 22 December 2016 (Thursday after 1pm) 26– 28 December 2016 (Monday– Wednesday) 2 January 2017 (Monday) We open as usual on the following dates: 23 December 2016 (Friday) 29 – 30 December 2016 (Thursday and Friday) 3 January 2017 (Tuesday)