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Ambition for Ageing Community Radio

Due to cultural and language barriers, most Chinese older people switch their TV and radio to Hong Kong and China channels. Since then, Wai Yin regularly broadcasts on Radio Television Hong Kong 5 (RTHK5). We have had lots of feedback and requests from Manchester BME Chinese residents as many of them obtained information through these broadcasts. As a result, we felt that there is a need to provide community information to the wider Chinese community. Therefore a pilot project worked with ALL FM to produce ‘Radio Sheung Lok’! We had two live shows on the 1st and 30th September. To […]

Macmillan Partnership with Wai Yin

在九月,我们有一个讲座 ( 说话 ) 和一个咖啡早晨 Tuesday, 27th September – Cancer Awareness Talk (the first talk of the 4 monthly sessions) at Sheung Lok Centre, delivered by Gary Witham, Senior Lecturer at MMU Friday, 30th September – Macmillan Coffee Morning at MRI