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Christmas & New Year Opening Hours 慧妍社聖誕節和新年開放時間

Wai Yin Opening Hours at X’mas & New Year 慧妍社聖誕節和新年開放時間 23rd December 2015 (Wednesday) 星期三   Closed at 1.00pm 開放至下午一時 24th December 2015 (Thursday)星期四   Closed at 1.00pm 開放至下午一時 25th December 2015 (Friday)星期五   Closed 休息 28th December 2015 (Monday)星期一   Closed 休息 29th December 2015 (Tuesday)星期二   Closed 休息 30th December 2015 (Wednesday)星期三   9.30am – 5.00pm 上午9.30至下午5時 31st December 2015 (Thursday)星期四   Closed at 1.00pm 開放至下午一時 1st January 2016 (Friday)星期五   Closed 休息 4th January 2016 (Monday)星期一   Open as usual 服務恢復正常  

Annual Staff and Volunteer Appreciation Dinner

Wai Yin recently celebrated the commitment and hard work of all staff and volunteers ( including the Trustees) at the annual appreciation dinner on Tuesday 20th October 2015. Some seventy participants were in attendance including friends and family. It was also great to be hosted by some of our ESOL learners, working there! It was held at TOPS Buffet Restauarant on Portland Street, and was a great success! We would also like to thank TOPS for some prize vouchers for the fundraising raffle.  

2015 Family Christmas Celebration 親子圣诞庆祝会

  图片上点击,大见 click on image to see details clearly! 如果有兴趣参加, 请联系家庭组同事 鄭姑娘或黃姑娘 If you are interested, please contact Woon / Amy [Telephone 电话 ] 0161 833 0377 [Address地址] 66-68 Swan Street Manchester M4 5JU