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Annual Educational Visit 2015

Recently, Wai Yin service users enjoyed their annual summer educational visit. 新近, 我们有一个前往英格兰南部 This year, the trip went to Warwick Castle and Shakespeare’s birthplace. 我们看到莎士比亚的房子,华威城堡 It was very enjoyable and popular. Two full coaches went. 这是令人愉快的和流行, 我们在两辆公交车去. We hope that you can join us next year. 明年, 明年我们希望你能来,我们可以一起去  

Birthday Celebration of University Student on Placement!

Recently, Jeff celebrated his 21st birthday with us at Wai Yin Society. Jeff and Ariel (pictured at the front, right and second from left respectively) are two university social work students here on summer placements with us. We value our student placements who do valuable work with our service users…Thank you!!!