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Advice Quality Standard

We are delighted to announce that Wai Yin Society has recently been awarded the Advice Quality Standard. The Advice Quality Standard (AQS) tells you that we offer a quality assured service. It communicates our commitment to professionalism, quality and customer care. Only organisations which have achieved the Standard will be able to display the AQS logo: We hold the Advice Quality Standard, which provides you with assurance that the we have met certain criteria that demonstrate a commitment to quality. For further information, please see the AQS website:

Potential Booster

This programme is partly in response to young service users’ feedback. please see Susan’s letter (Chinese and English) attached:


Congratulations and Thank You to all our 10K Runners and Supporters. The Great Manchester 10K on 10 May 2015 was a huge success, and great fun was had by all runners and supporters alike! We were very lucky with the mild weather conditions on the day with sunshine and no rain. CEO, Dr Sylvia Sham was an inspiration around the course, even managing a sprint towards the end, who said afterwards, “We are so pleased to have the opportunity at Wai Yin Society to be actively engaged within the Manchester community on such a wonderful day!” The fastest runner in […]