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Wai Yin Society 26th Annual Report

Mrs. Juanita Yau 邱李惠霞 女士 Chairperson 主席 Time really does fly. It seems like just yesterday that I wrote my last report as Chairlady of Wai Yin. This has been a very difficult year for us, as well as a remarkable one. It has been remarkable because we changed our name to Wai Yin Society. The change of name reflects the true nature of our services and was decided after consulting with the staff, core volunteers and the Board of Wai Yin. Since 2007, we have been providing services to Indian, Pakistani, Eastern European, Bangladeshi and Somali communities, amongst others. […]

New term ESOL courses and Enrolment 新學期課程

Happy English (2015) New Year! 快樂英語( 2015年)新年快樂! Our new term has started, but places are still available. 我們的新學期已經開始,但仍有學位。 If a weekday is convenient for you, you can still enrol for our courses. 如你平日是有空的,你仍然可以報名參加我們的課程。 Contact 名字: Yang Zhang Telephone 電話: 0161 833 0377 Email: [email protected]

Chinese New Year Celebrations 2015

日期: 2015年2月9日 (星期一 ) 時間: 12:15 地點: 皇城酒樓 費用: 會員: £13.00 非會員: £15.00 日期: 2015年2月25日 (星期三) 地點: 常樂長者午餐會 費用: 會員: £10.00 非會員: £12.00 詳情請聯絡 周姑娘 電話 0161 272 7482 常樂長者午餐會 Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre Grosvenor Centre, Justin Close, Manchester M13 9UB Tel: 0161 272 7482

Macmillan Solutions Volunteer Recruitment Event

「麥美倫癌症支援服務」 義工招募大會 Macmillan Solutions Volunteer Recruitment Event Date: Monday 2nd February 2015 Time: 11:00 am – 2:00 pm Venue: Sheung Lok Wellbeing Centre Justin Close, Grosvenor Street, Manchester M13 9UB *Tel. 0161-833 0377 No one should face cancer alone Come and join us Be a Macmillan volunteer Bring light to someone’s life The programme includes: **Talks: Understanding Cancer, Meet Macmillan, How you can get involved **Question & Answer Sessions **Light Refreshments **To book your place, please call 0161-833 0377