Urgently Wanted: Pushchair for Chinese family

I was recently contacted by a Social work student, who has a Chinese family in her care.  The family has little money and is in need of assistance at home.  One such area that they are in need is to provide a double pushchair for their young children.  Because of this, the Social work student has contacted us to see if we can help.

Since we do not provide these items, and I am not sure where else to turn, I am turning to our visitors, users and friends.  If you have a used or new double pushchair that you would be prepared to donate to us for this family, please get in touch with me.  You can email me at [email protected], call me on 0161 833 0377 or leave a comment below.

Thank you for your support. This is the first time that we have done such a task, and we would really appreciate your support for this family.

Lisa Mok
Assistant Director