Graduation Ceremony 2013

Wai Yin was a hub of activity and excitement on the morning of Tuesday 10th September. Around 100 learners, with their families and friends were gathered to be proudly presented with their certificates for their hard work and effort during the past year for a variety of ESOL courses.

Because of the huge number of graduates and supporters in attendance, it wasn’t possible to hold the ceremony at Wai Yin’s dedicated Learning Centre in Mosely Street. Instead, a special venue was arranged at London Scottish House next to the Midland Hotel. This meant installing an audio visual system, which to the relief of the IT staff, worked extremely well on the day.

Following a great speech and PowerPoint presentation by Wai Yin’s star TESOL tutor of the year, Helen Longsworth, on the aims of the work and impact of the programme, we received two very moving and heart-warming testimonies (in English!) on what learning English at Wai Yin has meant for them, and how it has changed their lives.

Then to the actual presentation of certificates: Our EU delegation (see Transversal Grundtvig study visit) were delighted to be asked to award the certificates, in turn to the various groups of graduates. Photos of each presentation can be seen in the picture gallery on our website.

After a short closing speech from Wai Yin Director, Dr Sylvia Sham, a delicious lunch buffet, cooked at and delivered from Wai Yin’s Sheung Lok Centre was served up to an appreciative set of people.

Thanks to the participating staff, volunteers, our European visitors, and of course the learners themselves, for making the event a great success.